Parcel Packing

Sending a Parcel
Brighton Couriers uses the UK’s leading express delivery companies, providing local, national and global courier services. So whether you need to send documents, parcels or pallets we have the perfect solution to meet your requirements.
Packing Advice
Brighton Couriers is committed to delivering your parcels on time and with care. However, during the transit process parcels may be handled several times therefore it is important that all items are adequately packed. Here are some helpful tips that will help you make sure your package arrives on time and in perfect condition:

  • Use a good solid box.
  • Choose the size of the box according to its contents. Under-filled boxes are likely to get squashed, overloaded boxes may split.
  • Wrap all items separately. Bubblewrap is good for protecting your items.
  • Put goods in the centre of a box ensuring they do not touch the sides. Your item should be well cushioned on all sides.
  • Pack the box out to prevent the contents from moving.
  • Repack your items properly. Many goods are sold in the original manufacturers packaging which may not be suitable for carriage.
  • Seal the box using brown tape. Seal all edges to maximise security. Double layers are advisable for added strength and security.
  • If re-using an old box, remove any old labels.
  • Use 'arrow-up' labels for non-solid materials.
  • Complete the address label clearly and completely, using capital letters when handwriting labels to improve readability.
  • Place a duplicate address label inside the parcel incase the outer label becomes detached.
Please note that Brighton Couriers will accept no liability for the packaging advice that it provides. The Customer remains responsible for ensuring packaging and labeling is adequate for transportation. Fragile/Glass items are permitted on this service but are SENT AT YOUR OWN RISK. Brighton Couriers will not take responsibility if the items are damaged or broken.

Deliveries to Non-EU Countries

Commercial Invoice
All consignments to non-EU countries, including the Channel Islands must be accompanied by a commercial invoice. The commercial invoice confirms the origin, description, value and intended use of the goods to be delivered. Four copies of the commercial invoice must accompany all consignments to enable the goods to be cleared through customs without delay.

Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Materials

Carriage of Dangerous Goods
Brighton Couriers is not licensed to carry dangerous goods, therefore we are unable to ship these kinds of items. If unsure, please contact the office.